All prices are in USD and cover one year registration (2 years for .uk). Customers in Norway add 25% VAT.

Free DNS and www forwarding
We offer free DNS and www forwarding for all new domains registered through us. This means that it does not cost anything extra to point your new domain to your existing website - you only pay the registration fee for the new domain, and that's it. Our user-friendly control panel makes it easy to manage DNS records (A, CNAME, MX, NS, TXT, AAAA or SRV records) and www forwardings (normal or cloaked).
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Volume discounts
When you have 5 or more domains in your account, you automatically receive a discount. Our discount system is attractive for users with a large domain portfolio as well as for resellers and small ISPs.
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Free transfer to Domainnameshop
Are you paying too much for your domains, or do you wish to manage them all from one place? It is now simpler than ever to transfer domains to us. The transfer itself is free, you only pay for the additional services you order with us.
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Start using your domain
Our web hotels give you "everything" you need to start using your domain. If you already have a web page and want to use it with your new domain, you may choose our inexpensive email service instead.
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EmailWeb hotel
MiniMediumLargeX Large
Disk space for web pages-250 MB1 GB5 GB20 GB
Number of email accounts202050100200
Unlimited number of email addresses
Unlimited traffic per month 1
Unlimited number of subdomains
Unlimited number of DNS records
Spam filter for email
Virus scanning of email
Traffic statistics-
PHP 5--
MySQL 5--
Unix shell (ssh)--
Setup fee$ 0.00$ 0.00$ 0.00$ 0.00$ 0.00
Price$ 9.45
$ 1.95
$ 3.45
$ 6.45
$ 8.45
All prices are in USD and are for customers outside Norway only. Customers in Norway must add 25% VAT. The yearly domain renewal fee is not included in the above prices. See more details about our email and web hotel packages, as well as our complete price list.


Number of allowed .no domains per organization to be increased
Norid has decided to increase the maximum allowed number of .no domains per organization from 20 to 100. The change will be effective from 30 November.
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Service announcements

POP, IMAP, and webmail back to normal
Our technicians solved the problems around 09:45, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by the downtime.
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Temporary downtime for some customers with POP, IMAP, and webmail
We have problems with one of our fileservers for POP, IMAP, and webmail, and there will be a brief downtime for some of our customers using these services.

We are trying to keep this downtime brief, to some few minutes between now (09:25) and 09:40.
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Temporary problems with a webserver
One of our webservers for PHP 5.5 customers had problems between 10:00 and 11:00, regrettably resulting in downtime for PHP based websites. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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